Bill Povolish

Bill Povolish

  • Licensed Minister in
    Seattle, WA
  • Bible Student and
    researcher since 1972

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Encouragement from the Bible

Mankind is spirit, soul and body, made in the Image of Creator God. We humans take care of our body, and our soul (mind, will and emotions), but we often forget to feed our spiritual life. At 17 years of age I began to realize this, and got my first Bible. I have found the Bible to be the most encouraging, truthful, and challenging Book ever read, studied and researched. if You have a curiosity about Creator God and His Son, this is a great place to look and read.

The Teaching Letters

In these pages, here on our left, you will find The Bible revealed to a generation of seekers like yourself. Each one you click on opens a page for that topic with several Bible letters to read one by one at your leasure.

Click on any link, and the special teaching letter written on that topic opens up for you to read and enjoy. A different topic in each letter on each of the 14 categories.

Some might say, “I have little or no faith”, but faith comes by reading and really hearing The Word Of GOD.

On this site I provide freely, an opportunity to find truth, faith and encouragement for Your Spiritual Life. And You can build up Your own true knowledge of the Creator God.

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