Bill Povolish

Bill Povolish

  • Licensed Minister in
    Seattle, WA
  • Bible Student and
    researcher since 1972

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Golden Harvest

When The Wheat Is Ready For Harvesting, It Is Golden. Timing Is Critical here, Because The Farmer Could Reap A Great Harvest, Or Loose Much Grain Back To The Soil, If He Delays. Then The Plowman Overtakes The Reaper, And Much Wheat Is Lost To Natural Disasters. The Evangelist Is Like The Farmer, He Is Viewing The Horizon, Here At The End Of An Age, And He Sees The Greatest Harvest Of Souls. Every Soul Is Priceless And Very Precious. Each Soul Is A One Of A Kind! If It Is Lost, And Perishes, It Can Never Be Replaced. That is why Every Soul Must Be Saved! These Letters Are Written For The Encouragement Of Personal Salvation And Evangelism.

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