Bill Povolish

Bill Povolish

  • Licensed Minister in
    Seattle, WA
  • Bible Student and
    researcher since 1972

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Men of Valor

Here I View VALOR In Men, From Many Views And Examples. VALOR Is And Has Always Been Expressed In Many Ways That Are Not Always Seen Or Appreciated. Men Have An Intrinsic Value That Is Best Known To GOD Himself. A Man’s Value In The Family Cannot Be Overstated. A Man’s Value To His Children, And Grandchildren Cannot Be Measured. Our Ultimate Example Of VALOR, Was JESUS CHRIST, As He Stood, After Severe Scourging. And Being Mercilessly Slapped Across His Shredded Back, And Crowned With Thorns; Seeing The Pain JESUS Endured, Even The Brutal Roman Pontius Pilate Said Of Him, “Behold The MAN!” See John 19:1-5.

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